This science and natural history series presents stories that speak to the relationship between human civilization and the planet. An accessible and thought-provoking series, terra offers a window to the natural world by exploring frontiers of research, examining applications of science, and celebrating diversity in our natural environment. Topics range from habitat issues, species survival, profiles of individuals working in the field and even major ecological alerts. Produced in conjunction with the graduate program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University and Filmmakers for Conservation Ltd. terra provides independent filmmakers and students a venue in which to present their own perspectives on ecological and environmental topics. terra is presented by KUSM/ MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman.

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Fighting for Life: Emelia's Story
 (No. 103)
Emelia, a young girl with cystic fibrosis, endures many treatments to control her symptoms. This story also takes us to the MSU Center for Biofilm Engineering, where scientists work to understand bacteria in a new way, as multi-cellular organisms, in order to better treat some of the complications of Emelia's disease. Produced by Sara Shier for TERRA. Distributed by KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman. (First Aired Thursday, May 19, 2005)
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Emelia uses an IPV machine daily for airway clearance.  Photo: John Shier

Biofilms have channels that deliver nutrients and remove waste. Image: Wendy Westmoreland and Andy George.

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