Montana: The Second Century

Beginning in 1988 and continuing through 1994, this KUSM-TV produced series produced over 70 programs covering social, political, cultural and historical topics all across Montana. A limited selection of these titles is shown here.

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Wild Howl: The Wolf Returns to Yellowstone

Frances Senska - Art All The Time

Peace Through Unity-The Custer Battlefield Name Change


Wild Howl: The Wolf Returns to Yellowstone
 (No. 907)
For centuries wolves in legend and fairytale were regarded as vicious, bloodthirsty, and evil. The wolf's return to Yellowstone has asked us to rethink these myths. For the Shoshone, Wolf brother created Yellowstone. For others, the wolf represents our vain tinkering with nature. For the National Park Service, restoring the wolf to Yellowstone restores the natural balance missing in its ecosystem for nearly seventy years. Like all conservation stories of our time, the wolf's return to Yellowstone blends myth, emotion, and controversy. This film explores the range of controversy and reverie surrounding the wolf's wild howl in Yellowstone. (First Aired Friday, April 18, 1997)