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Montana: The Second Century

Beginning in 1988 and continuing through 1994, this KUSM-TV produced series produced over 70 programs covering social, political, cultural and historical topics all across Montana. A limited selection of these titles is shown here.

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Vigilante! The Rise and Fall of Frontier Justice
 (No. 802)
When Henry Plummer, the sherriff of Bannack took control of Virginia and Nevada cities with his band of road agents in the 1860's, the people watched what little law and order they had disappear into chaos. The only solution was to fight back, and so one of America's most famous vigilante movements was born. But, did it really happen? Or, is it just the romance and myth of History? Governor Marc Racicot, MSU President Mike Malone and other historians explore this unique chapter of Montana and American history. (First Aired Friday, November 17, 1995)