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June, 2013
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Backroads of Montana    Roundup to Nine Mile   (No. 114 )
We get to know a rural mail carrier in Roundup, a veteran firespotter near Nine Mile, and the creator of Glasgow's giant metal animals; then we head out for a look at the Red Sun Labyrinth near Victor and at Native American pictographs and petroglyphs in a canyon near Forest Grove.
Airs Saturday 6/1 at 5:31pm  

Montana Journal    Where The Wildlife Meets The Road   (No. 1502 )
Montana ranks in the top ten nationally for animal-vehicle collisions. This program examines the various effects of the accidents, from individual drivers to vehicles to wildlife. Experts also discuss possible solutions to reduce the increasing number of collisions.
Airs Saturday 6/1 at 4:58pm, repeats Saturday 6/1 at 4:57pm, Friday 6/7 at 2:58am  

Painting John        
A lone rancher and nomadic artist. A stark landscape and unrelenting winter. Through the intimacy of life portraiture, two divergent people meet and forge an improbable bond beyond the world of social networks and sound bytes.
Airs Saturday 6/1 at 5:20pm, repeats Friday 6/7 at 3:20am, Sunday 6/23 at 11:19pm  

Glacier Park Remembered        
It is hard to imagine what was more memorable in Glacier Park a century ago: the breath taking scenery, or the adventure. Travel in time with us as we follow the adventures of our counterparts 100 years ago through rare, restored film, museum pictures and historical memorabilia. See how eastern city slickers were lured to North central Montana by a glitzy promotional campaign promoted by the Great Northern Railroad.
Airs Sunday 6/2 at 7pm  

Montana Ag Live    Montana Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance   (No. 3804 )
What is the Montana Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance program? Marsha Goetting, Extension Ag Economist, answers this question and others.
Airs Sunday 6/2 at 11am  

In Murky Waters    The Plight of the Pallid Sturgeon    
A review of the life history of the pallid sturgeon, a fish species with an ancestry dating back 80 million years when dinosaurs were walking the shores of the ancient Missouri River. IN MURKY WATERS also explains why the pallid sturgeon became an endangered species in 1990 and the factors affecting its future in the Upper Basin of the Missouri River. Ongoing research and management activities are identified that are helping to recover this ancient fish species of the Missouri/Mississippi River system.
Airs Sunday 6/2 at 10am, repeats Saturday 6/8 at 4:30pm, Friday 6/14 at 5am, Thursday 6/20 at 12pm  

Montana Ag Live    Cover Crops for Soil Health   (No. 3909 )
Perry Miller, MSU's cropping system specialist, will address the reality of using cover crops in Montana to improve soil health.
Airs Sunday 6/2 at 6pm, repeats Sunday 6/9 at 11am  

Connecting The 406        
This program connects to the sometimes hidden world that is driving Montana at an increasingly fast rate. The show examines the vast infrastructure that presents new opportunities, connections and concerns to our once "isolated" state. Follow businessmen, teachers, daters and "second lifers" as they discover the future of the Big Sky while navigating the internet frontier.
Airs Tuesday 6/4 at 7pm, repeats Thursday 6/6 at 3am  

Guns in the Big Sky    Montana's Gun Culture   (No. 101 )
From ranchers who use guns to manage their livestock to survivors of a 1986 Montana school shooting, this program explores the role of guns in Montana's culture. In Montana, women in isolated, rural areas carry weapons to protect their families and 12-year-olds learn gun safety and hunt for food. But there's also a dark side to the gun culture. Crimes, violence and even school shootings in our state are also examined. This documentary is the most recent edition of a 26-year long tradition of films produced by the students of The University of Montana School of Journalism.
Airs Tuesday 6/4 at 9pm, repeats Thursday 6/6 at 2am  

11th & Grant with Eric Funk    John Floridis   (No. 803 )
John Floridis brings his adventurous instrumental pieces and compelling vocal tunes to 11th & Grant, showcasing his own style forged from jazz-rock fusion, rhythm and blues/Motown, original pop-rock and others.
Airs Thursday 6/6 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 6/8 at 10:38pm, Monday 6/10 at 3:30am  

Business: Made In Montana    Outdoor Edition   (No. 2001 )
This episode features the following businesses: Mystery Ranch, Bozeman; LB Snow, Missoula; North Star West Inc., Antique Powder Rifles, Superior; Schnee's Boots, Bozeman; Hart's Motorsports & Dyno, Lolo; and 5 Cord Manufacturing, Missoula.
Airs Friday 6/7 at 3:31am  

Backroads of Montana    Medicine Lake to Missoula/10th Anniversary Program   (No. 115 )
We're off to visit a leather artist in Billings, learn the history of Montana's historical roadside markers, view the wildlife refuge at Medicine Lake, explore historic Fort Union in northeast Montana, and learn about an assisted skiing program near Missoula. William Marcus hosts from the historic OTO Ranch in Paradise Valley. Produced by KUFM- TV/Montana PBS, UM-Missoula.
Airs Saturday 6/8 at 5:30pm  

Keepers of the Land    Three Montana Families & Their Homestead Legacies    
The Homestead Act of 1862 remains one of the most significant and enduring events in the westward expansion of the United States. The chance for free land and opportunity proved irresistible to many, and in the following decades, 151,600 homesteads had been claimed in Montana, the most out of any state. Keepers of the Land is about three Montana families still living and working the land their ancestors homesteaded more than a century ago.
Airs Sunday 6/9 at 7pm  

Montana Ag Live    Biological Amendments and Micronutrient Fertilizer   (No. 3801 )
Clain Jones, MSU Extension Fertility Specialist, addresses the question of whether or not biological amendments and micronutrient fertilizers are beneficial or even necessary.
Airs Sunday 6/9 at 11am  

Backroads of Montana    Paintings, Partials and Pies   (No. 137 )
Follow competitors in the cherry pit spitting and cherry pie eating contests at the Flathead Cherry Festival in Polson. Learn the story of Hobson dentist Virgil Stewart who began his practice in 1912 during an era when most rural Montanans could not afford such care. Hike into the Sweet Grass Hills where an unexpected natural wonder rises out of the prairie. And meet an eastern Montana man whose passion for art has literally spread all over the town of Forsyth. William Marcus hosts the program from historical landmarks near Havre and Chinook.
Airs Sunday 6/9 at 10am  

Global Positioning    Bob Rivers and Fernanda Krum   (No. 210 )
Bob Rivers and Fernanda Krum met each other in Romania. Having worked in conflict zones and with trauma victims, they've launched Big Medicine, an innovative micro-brewery enterprise in Missoula with an added social purpose.
Airs Sunday 6/9 at 10:30am  

Virginia City    Where History Lives    
This program takes viewers down the boardwalks of Virginia City, Montana. Regional characters share the captivating history of the area while incorporating wonderful stories and personal experiences that detail how Virginia City shaped the area and Montana's early days.
Airs Thursday 6/13 at 7:30pm, repeats Sunday 6/16 at 3am  

Pride and Perseverance    Settlers in the Upper Missouri River Breaks    
It took a special person to settle the Upper Missouri River Breaks country. Descendants of these early settlers tell the story of their ancestors, and what it takes to continue the agricultural lifestyle in this harsh and beautiful country.
Airs Thursday 6/13 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 6/15 at 5pm, Monday 6/17 at 5:30am, Sunday 6/23 at 10am  

Mending The Hoop        
This film tells the story of identity and family and the power of understanding one's own history. It is a story of reunion. Each of us is part of a sacred circle, a segment of the great Hoop of Life.
Airs Thursday 6/13 at 12pm, repeats Sunday 6/30 at 10am  

Backroads of Montana    Weather, Feathers and Time   (No. 116 )
This show takes us along to meet a longtime National Weather Service observer near Roy, Butte musician John "The Yank" Harrington, and an artist from Westby. Then we're off to visit a seasonal waterfall near Big Timber and a Northeast Montana town with but one parking meter. Finally, we tour Fort Benton.
Airs Saturday 6/15 at 5:30pm  

11th & Grant with Eric Funk    Saddle Tramps   (No. 403 )
A household name in Montana to country-rock fans, Saddle Tramps has been performing around Montana for many years. As America is a melting pot of all cultures, American music is an amalgamation and after-mix of styles. Country music, folk music, and rock music, together in the perfect mix and balance, results in Saddle Tramps.
Airs Thursday 6/20 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 6/22 at 10:38pm, Monday 6/24 at 3am  

Backroads of Montana    Wheels and Wings   (No. 117 )
We're given a look at aviary art in Moccasin, an appreciation of Montana's first airmail service in Great Falls, a visit to a local history center and historic bridge near Sidney, a trip to Snake Butte near Ft. Belknap and a meeting with a wheelwright in Deer Lodge.
Airs Saturday 6/22 at 5:30pm  

Mating for Life        
This intimate documentary, narrated by the filmmaker, focuses on a personal pilgrimage to witness the annual spring migration of the sandhill cranes in central Nebraska. As the author makes this journey she seeks answers to life's bigger questions, which she finds represented in the cranes' behavior, history and their ability to mate for life. "Mating for Life" is a non traditional nature film that explores the human needs for both connection and solitude.
Airs Sunday 6/23 at 10:30pm  

Montana Ag Live    Oil and Gas Leases In Montana (2013)   (No. 3901 )
The Bakken has changed everything. MSU Economist Tim Fitzgerald explains what you need to know about oil and gas leases in Montana.
Airs Sunday 6/23 at 11am  

Global Positioning    Brazilian Students with World Montana   (No. 211 )
World Montana, formerly the Montana Center for International Visitors, hosts delegations from a variety of countries. In this episode, we talk with two promising student leaders from Brazil about life in their country, Brazil's place in the world, and their experiences here in Montana.
Airs Sunday 6/23 at 10:30am  

Backroads of Montana    Seeds and Weeds   (No. 118 )
This episode introduces us to an artist near Sidney whose medium is seeds, takes us to a weed roundup near Choteau, introduces us to the Loma woman who curates the House of 1000 Dolls, and examines what the folks at ZooMontana in Billings do to enrich the lives of the zoo's animals. William Marcus hosts from the Charles M. Bair Family Ranch and Museum near Martinsdale.
Airs Saturday 6/29 at 5:30pm  

Montana Focus    Homeless Schooling   (No. 801 )
They're not as visible as homeless populations in large metropolitan areas of the country, but the growing number of homeless families in Montana face the same challenges of finding food and shelter. More often than not, homeless kids don't have a place to study or sleep. They show up for school hungry and are expected to compete for higher grades with students who are much better off financially. Montana Focus introduces us to homeless students around the state and documents their struggles and successes. How prepared will they be to compete in school, earn a diploma and attend the university or college of their choosing? You might be surprised.
Airs Saturday 6/29 at 5pm  

Montana Ag Live    How Are The Students?   (No. 3902 )
How are MSU ag students doing? Are there jobs for them when they graudate? Are agriculture classes still relevant? Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture Nora Smith discusses the bright future for MSU College of Ag students.
Airs Sunday 6/30 at 11am  

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