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April, 2014
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Class C        
The mall is 234 miles away. You have thrown 10,000 three-point shots on the dirt court behind the barn. You drive a backhoe after practice to support the family business. And you are a sixteen-year-old girl. Welcome to Class C. As their tiny hometowns fight to stay on the map, girls from across rural Montana compete for the state basketball title and a chance to bring home something worth celebrating. Montana native and basketball legend Phil Jackson brings insight and humor to the disappearing landscapes of his youth in a story that will change the way you see rural America.
Airs Thursday 4/3 at 7pm  

Backroads of Montana    Coming Home   (No. 122 )
In this episode we accompany the Shakespeare in the Parks troupe to Birney, the smallest community to host their tour; visit Kremlin-Gilford for its last homecoming parade; plant a special tree with a group of Girl Scouts in Great Falls; and walk an interpretive trail near Hamilton that tells the story of Lewis & Clark from another perspective. Produced by KUFM-TV/MontanaPBS, UM-Missoula.
Airs Saturday 4/5 at 5pm  

Boom! Behind The Bakken        
Because of advanced new technology, a second oil boom has hit Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. This Bakken formation has impacted more than just the oil industries. Towns around the Bakken oil formation are experience sudden growth in population. This program features those besieged by these new changes as well as those who are capitalizing on the oil boom.
Airs Sunday 4/6 at 10am  

Montana Ag Live    Pain in the Ash?   (No. 4102 )
MSU entomologist Mike Ivie will discuss the Emerald Ash Borer and its recent discovery in the Rocky Mountain region. What needs to be done to protect Montana's ash trees? What is the prognosis for early control?
Airs Sunday 4/6 at 11am  

Montana Ag Live    Chat with Glenn Duff   (No. 4103 )
The MSU College of Agriculture is moving forward. Interim Dean Glenn Duff looks at the creative programs, dynamic opportunities and innovative thinking that's shaping the future.
Airs Sunday 4/6 at 6pm, repeats Sunday 4/13 at 11am  

Celebrate America Across Montana    Tim Janis with State High School Choirs (2014)   (No. 501 )
High school choirs from throughout Montana perform with Tim Janis in this special created to spotlight our nation's youth, and pull communities together in an uplifting and inspiring celebration of music. The program was taped in January 2014 at the KUSM-MontanaPBS studio in Bozeman. School buses brought hundreds of students from Montana high school music programs including Anaconda, Belgrade, Billings Skyview, Mount Ellis Academy, Heritage Christian, Corvallis, Florence-Carlton, Frenchtown, Hamilton, Hobson and Polson. Well-prepared and very professional, each choir came into the studio to record their performance. Tim Janis, familiar to public broadcasting audiences from programs such as An Enchanted Evening, Beautiful America and Coastal America, is well known for his "Music with a Mission" philosophy, and has worked on many philanthropic projects.
Airs Thursday 4/10 at 7pm, repeats Sunday 4/13 at 10am  

Backroads of Montana    Collecting Memories   (No. 123 )
We profile the high flying exploits of '50s television icon and Montana native Kirby Grant, better known as "Sky King." Next, we visit Schafer Air Field in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, a woman in Fairfield with an unusually large hankie collection, and a Missoulian whose entrepreneurial dream is an inspiration to those around her. Also, tour the Fort Peck Dam near Glasgow.
Airs Saturday 4/12 at 5pm  

Montana Ag Live    Boom!   (No. 4104 )
Mark Haggerty, an economic researcher at Headwaters Economics, will examine depressed rural economies, and how the oil and gas boom could help stabilize rural Montana.
Airs Sunday 4/13 at 6pm, repeats Sunday 4/27 at 11am  

11th & Grant with Eric Funk    Basement Jazz   (No. 905 )
Four talented young musicians carry the jazz legacy forward by featuring their own original music, and compositions of Montana jazz veterans. Basement Jazz features Caroline Janssen on guitar, Claire Young on Saxophone, Colleen Schmidt on bass, and Amy Giullian on drums. Joining these talented young adults are Bob Nell and Eric Funk, well known around Montana for their original jazz compositions and performances.
Airs Thursday 4/17 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 4/19 at 9:42pm, Monday 4/21 at 3am  

Backroads of Montana    Fromberg to Ulm   (No. 124 )
Along the Missouri River south of Great Falls we meet a woman who gathers fiber from her family farm animals to make an intriguing variety of products. We stop by a Tea Shop in Anaconda for some cookies and Earl Grey. A naturalist guides us to see some of Montana's diverse butterfly population. We visit all that remains of the town of Gebo: the cemetery, which is being researched and preserved by a woman from Fromberg. And we cool our heels at the Cowboy Bar & Museum in Fromberg - the ideal place for a cold beer and a warm recollection.
Airs Saturday 4/19 at 5pm  

Global Civics Roundtables    Democracy In West Africa   (No. 101 )
Carroll College professors Doreen Kutufam and Kyle Strode are joined by a visiting Ghanaian journalist to talk about a variety of political, economic and environmental challenges Montanans have in common with Ghana and other developing countries.
Airs Sunday 4/20 at 10am  

Backroads of Montana    Singing in the Wires   (No. 136 )
The 50 students at bucolic Greenfield School in Fairfield are energetic and bright. One reason for their success is a tasty lunch program. We'll spend a day with Lunch Lady Salley Young as she prepares a special meal that's 100 percent Montana made. In Kalispell, we switch into the world of antique phones, with a man whose collecting began with his career as an installer with the phone company. He's proof that it pays to "keep the old stuff." We'll veer off the road to some of Montana's beautiful lakes and ponds to observe the springtime ritual of birds' courtship dances. And we'll meet a man in Fort Benton whose skill in crafting musical instruments is only surpassed by his generous spirit. William Marcus hosts the program from the Big Horn County Museum in Hardin.
Airs Thursday 4/24 at 8:30pm  

4-H: Six Montana Stories        
Follow six young Montanans as they learn that 4-H is about having fun--but being responsible about it. It's about refusing to give up on the runt of the litter, staying up all night to bottle feed a sick calf while knowing someday you'll have to say goodbye. It's about knowing where you're headed but never forgetting where you've been. And it's about pledging your head, your heart, your hands, and your health--not for yourself, but to help others.
Airs Thursday 4/24 at 7pm  

Backroads of Montana    Two Dot to Fishtail   (No. 125 )
In this episode we stop at one of Montana's legendary night-clubs, The Sip & Dip in Great Falls, complete with the piano stylings of Pat Sponheim. We also visit a knife maker in Missoula; Montana's oldest general store in Fishtail; and the Wheatland Senior Citizen's Center in Harlowton - which has been a source of strength for its director Irene Schuchard. The program originates from Two Dot, Montana.
Airs Saturday 4/26 at 5pm  

Degrees of Difference        
Can Montanans who disagree about the climate sit down and have a discussion? The phrase "Climate Change" is so polarizing that just uttering it can end a friendship. This program introduces us to three sets of friends across Montana who try to get past the controversy and have a productive conversation.
Airs Sunday 4/27 at 10am  

Montana Journal    Climate Changing Business   (No. 1601 )
Montana's climate is changing and businesses have to adjust. This program explores the positive and negative impacts on everything from fishing guides to firefighters to farmers. How are businesses across the state coping with the changes?
Airs Sunday 4/27 at 10:30am  

Montana Ag Live    Readin', Writin' and Agriculture!   (No. 4105 )
Montana Department of Agriculture Agricultural Literacy Specialist Lorri Brenneman discusses programs designed to teach teachers about Montana agriculture, the state's number one industry.
Airs Sunday 4/27 at 6pm  

Ridin' for the Brand        
This story journals a year in the life and times of three old-time Montana ranching families. Over the past few generations, an ever-changing and growing America has presented new and challenging environmental and economic issues. "Ridin' for the Brand" explores the hardships and the joys of traditional ranching life in Montana and explores looming concerns and issues that may impact our future as consumers.
Airs Monday 4/28 at 9pm, repeats Wednesday 4/30 at 2am  

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