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Introducing Positive Psychology

These two 30min. programs question modern psychology's emphasis on a disease model and its obsession of explaining what is wrong with people. Armed with a growing body of data, Positive Psychology explains, celebrates, and tells all how to use what science has learned about human strengths, resilience, learned optimism, and authentic happiness. The lessons of Positive Psychology are diverse, with much to say about children and adolescents, education, finding our signature strengths, choosing work that is most rewarding for us, maintaining our health, and aging well. This series presents internationally distinguished psychologists, along with a cross-section of our fellow citizens from teenagers to ninety-two-year-olds, and from an auto mechanic to an oncology nurse in exploring these many new ideas which can change so many lives.

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Personal Well-Being, Social Support, Health and Ag

Signature Strengths, Flow, and Authentic Happiness

Personal Well-Being, Social Support, Health and Ag
 (No. 102)
World-renowned experts review recent research about determinants of health and longevity--and about aging well. Produced by Paul Monaco for KUSM-TV/MontanaPBS, MSU - Bozeman. (First Aired Tuesday, January 11, 2005)